PET Prefrom Mould Strict Quality Control

A well-constructed Quality Control System strictly control the whole production flow from raw material, heat treatment, equipment and processing accuracy, surface treatment, manufacturing tools to final products, which guarantees the quality of each parts including the core, cavity, neck, hot runner parts, therefore, assure the high quality & excellent performance of whole PET preform injection mould.


YZ implements the concept of TQC(Total Quality Control) by improving the quality control consciousness of all employees to assure the quality procedure from the beginning. The quality control model for the whole manufacturing process is established as follows: selecting excellent steels, rational design of mould parts, standard manufacture process of mold parts, self-inspection by operator, initial inspection by QC operator, re-inspection by QC supervisor, IPQC(Input Process Quality Control) and FFQC(Final& Finished Quality Control), all these procedure will be done under the same advanced detecting system specially for PET preform mould manufacture process to ensure no defects ignored by any part among that.



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