Wide-mouth PET container (plastic tank)

Wide mouth PET bottle.

Since it is produced by stretch blow molding, which is the same as the molding method of beverage bottles, we have achieved high quality and stable production.

The shape has been widely used as a glass bottle in the past, but we have improved its disadvantages, such as being too heavy and cracked.

Wide mouth preform

It is widely used in the food industry with strict safety and hygiene standards.

* There are two types of cap colors, red and white.

Please contact us for special features.

* For No. 1 and 2, you can choose the inner ring type cap and packing type cap.

* No.3, 4 and 5 products can also use metal caps.

No.NAME capacityweight
Length (diameter ☓ altitude)

Entry number
1Hirokou 1000PET(A) 1,000ml70g 95×170mm84books
2Hirokou 1000PET(B)900ml(1kg)70g 95x158mm84books
3Hirokou 900PET 900ml72g 92x174mm80books
4Hirokou 450PET 450ml45g 72x126mm120books
5Hirokou 240PET 240ml25g 62x112mm240books