At yingzheng Moulds we believe in growing and adapting new technology to enhance and create easy and productive moulds that enable our customers to achieve a high quality and product.


Borgmould Moulds has created a Tool Room which has modern setup and advanced machinery at taizhou(china). We have a highly qualified and trained workforce who operates the machineries in Tool Room, driven mould interts and high quality bases. We manufacture PET Preform Hot Runner Moulds and also Conversion of 32, 48, 56, 72, 96 and 48, 56, 72 (HUSKY); Compression moulds and moulds for all types of caps. Manufacturing capacity of preform moulds ranges from 8 to 96 cavities and weights 9 to 1200 gms with neck size up to 140 mm.


Borgmould Moulds uses advanced software for product designing and moulding with their objective to attain superior quality products. We have an in-house design studio which is fully equipped with the latest technology and software. At the design studio the designing is conducted for products, moulds and mould process simulations. This enables us to produce products with similar and consistent dimensions, thereby fabricating finely engineered product for our customers.


We own research and development center with extensively advanced CAD/CAM workstation. This enables us to transform complex customer requirement to comprehensive solution for facilitating high end work process. With the set-up of research and development center we can develop exceptional designs of performs. The center is tailor-made to meet the requirements for our customers. It assists Borgmould Moulds to convert its ideas into results without compromising on quality or requirement of the customer.

Preform Mold85%
Cap Mould80%
Blow Mould75%