24 Cavities Pet Preform Mold

Product description

1、Electric control system with simulating to improve yield rate;

2、Advanced technique to make each cavity self-lock, the eccentricity is within ±0.1mm

The weight/gram tolerance is ±0.2g, .Guarantee time to keep mold in good free repair for 2 year.the mold has no margin and bur. It has advantages of good finish and smooth shelling, no draw bench , breach and clamping preform mold

3、Stainless steel imported from Sweden and Germany for core&cavity to guarantee good tooling performance .

4、International standard screw neck, imported nitrated steel with high hardness and long life.

5、Advanced hot runner system with point to point control system, ensure uniform heating,which brings high quality performs;

6、Excellent cooling system brings high efficiency.

7、Automatically cut the tail of the preform to reduce the labor, the preform with smooth feeding point to enhance the appearance of the preform.

8、At least 3million shots life-time guarantee.

9、Hot runner system designed by yz, absorb the advantage of oversea advanced hot runner technology.

10 according to customers’ requirements. Mould design as shot-off system,and hot runner nozzle 11. Independent temperature control.(the advantages of separate temperature control solves the problems like whitish in the bottom and wire drawing in production )

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