72 Cavities PET Preform Mould

We are one of the most reliable companies in this domain offering PET Preform Mould with advanced PET Preform mold design technology.

1: Materials

  • Customized material 632:Better than FS136, with higher nickel and chromium contents.

  • Toughness, rust resistance, brightness effects are increased significantly.

  • Mould base is made of stainless steel or P20(Preharden)with HRC 38~40.

2: SelfLock type stack design

Thread splits are locked in position by lock rings before mould closing to minimize wear of thread split tapers on the cavity side and core side for a long flash-less service life of parting-lines.

3: Cooling system

Fountain or spiral cooling structure is used in the core.

Spiral waterway is used to milled outside the cavity,improve cycle efficiency and reduce cleaning times.

Neck drilled cross cooling channel.

Each plate is individually designed with a circulation cooling channel.

Optimized cooling layout is used to ensures fast and efficient heat exchange between steel and water and support fast cycle times to save energy costs.

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