PET Preform Mould

With 10 Years of experience, Borgmould has emerged as a leading manufacturer of PET Preform Mould for preforms ranging from 6gms to 720gms and neck sizes from 12mm to 150mm. Company has successfully designed and developed Preform Moulds up to 72 Cavitations at its complete in-house manufacturing facility.

Well Customized hot runner system with spring loaded shut-off pin and pneumatic controlled high end imported Hot Runner System.

The hardened mould parts with deeply engaged tapers enhance the mould life and require minimum maintenance. Special surface treatment and coating on core inserts for easy ejection of preforms.


Standard interchangeable mould components.

Stainless steel stacks eliminate moulding surface corrosion and reduce refurbishing and conversion costs

High quality raw materials and proven mould designs ensure long mould life


Roller cams that actuate both the opening and closing actions on the thread splits and are customized based on the particular preform design

Industry-leading productivity based on fast cycle times and high efficiency levels.

Excellent concentricity between core and cavity for minimum wall thickness variation.

PET Preform Mold Features

1. There are 4 cavities up to 72 cavities on PET preform mold.
2. Electric control system with simulating stretch testing improve yield rate.
3. Adopt world advanced dipole taper localization technique, each cavity self-clamp independently, ensure mold concentricity.
4. The material of mold die core and die cavity are made of Sweden special mold steel.
5. International standard screw neck, imported nitrided steel with high hardness is of long usage.
6. Advanced hot runner design and even heating temperature make sure the high quality of plastic products.
7. Valve gated type without tail reduces labor force.
8. At least 3 million guarantee.

PET Preform Mold Design

Borgmould Machinery designs not only preform with standard neck size for water preform, carbonated drink preform and oil preform, also design preform of special shape responding to customer’s request. Borgmould adopts a wide range of computer-aided engineering service from design conception to the finished products to make customer satisfied.

Valve-gate system

Borgmould series preform injection mold adopts an advanced valve-gate unit, which is used to control the mold’s injection hole open & close on each cavity. Reliable sealing function, smoothing moving, low thermal expansion rate, and long using life are its main features.


Our range of solutions is wide and versatile. We can supply moulds with up to 144 cavities for standard applications like mineral water or soft drinks, however we have a wide range of solutions also for special applications like wide mouth preforms or long preforms for 5 gallon containers.